Step 2: Enroll through

  1. Go to

  2. Select “Register” at the top of the page

  3. Select “Join an Existing Program”

  4. Enter your organization’s unique enrollment code to tie you to your organization
    • Don’t have an enrollment code? Contact your organization’s coordinator.

  5. Create account
    • Create username and password
    • Enter first and last name
    • Enter home address
    • Enter email address
    • Sign up for emails (Recommended) to receive welcome details on getting started as well as bonus earning opportunities
    • Set security questions

  6. Enter your mobile number for 2-step verification
    • This number will be used to complete your account set-up and to verify you when logging in from new devices.

  7. Enter the unique verification code received by text message

Congratulations! You’ve created your account.

Step 3: Start earning


Set up a bank account for online payments

The most popular and convenient way to pay online. Get eGift cards instantly and add money to reloadable cards immediately. There is a $.15 fee on each transaction.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Payment Types
  2. Follow the steps to securely link your bank account

Other payment options:

  • Pay by credit card
    • You always have the option to pay with a credit card (Discover, Visa, and Mastercard) at checkout too.
    • Enter credit card details at checkout with the option to save your card for future purchases.
    • There is a 2.6% fee on each transaction when you pay with a credit card.
  • Pay Coordinator directly
    • Pay your coordinator with a check or cash
      • Orders paid for by check or cash must be marked as paid by your coordinator before they will be fulfilled.
      • Confirm your coordinator accepts these payment methods before placing your order.


Shop 750+ brands

Shop for gift cards from your favorite brands to earn on your daily purchases—like grabbing your morning coffee or buying groceries.

  • Select “Shop” tab to shop all brands.
  • Sort by most popular brands and brand name.
  • Narrow results by brands on bonus, categories, card type (eGift card, physical gift card, reload), and denominations.


Buy gift cards

Gifts cards are worth face value and not a penny less. There are two types of gift cards available.

  • eGift cards
    • Sent to you digitally, to use on the spot.
  • Physical gift cards
    • Ship to your coordinator – All physical gift cards can be shipped to your coordinator. Orders submitted to your coordinator are rolled up by your coordinator based on their order schedule and placed as a group order. These orders will be shipped to your coordinator to distribute to individual families. Confirm your coordinator offers this shipping option before placing your order.


Even easier fundraising with the mobile app

  • Use your same sign-in information
  • Easily shop and use on-the-go
  • Exclusive option to ship gift cards directly to your door



Shopping on the app? Learn more about earning on the RaiseRight app >

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