Limited Program

The Limited program is perfect for fundraising within a time frame, for running a seasonal fundraiser, and for year-round fundraising for smaller groups. It's our most basic program, but you can still raise a good deal of money for your organization in a short amount of time. You set an order schedule, we help you develop a paper order form for participating families, and you'll be on your way to earning!

Features of a Limited program:

  • Physical retail gift cards are available.
  • Families order with paper order forms.
  • You submit your program's order by phone or online.
  • There's no cost to enroll and start earning.
  • Ideal for a one-time or seasonal fundraiser.
  • Works best when scheduled with high-volume shopping seasons like back to school, and holidays.
  • Successful year-round fundraising program for small groups.
  • Time-effective for your volunteers.

Classic Program

Our most popular program for organizations just starting out, the Classic program includes all the features of a Limited program, with the addition of convenient, easy-to-use online ordering and payment for participating families. Your members can receive electronic scrip options delivered directly to them through their mobile device or computer. Plus, you can easily compile family orders and submit your program’s order online, eliminating mistakes and minimizing time spent running your program.

Features of a Classic program:

  • Families can order online, through their mobile device, or use a paper order form.
  • Physical gift cards are shipped to the organization and electronic options are delivered directly to the family.
  • There's no cost to enroll and start earning.
  • Free scrip software helps keep your program running smoothly.
  • Managing the program is easy, so it's ideal for an ongoing fundraiser.
  • Because of its accessibility, families can use scrip for their household spending year-round.
  • Earnings accumulate quickly and steadily.

Classic Plus Program

The Classic Plus program offers all the features of the Classic program, with the addition of inventory management for the most popular physical gift cards that are not available in electronic options. Your organization purchases gift cards that members buy most frequently and makes them regularly available for immediate purchase at a scrip store. Participating families have the most options because they can order any electronically delivered scrip or physical gift cards online, and buy select gift cards right from your organization's scrip store. Adding inventory makes impulse buying easier for participating families, and reduces their need to plan ahead.

Features of a Classic Plus program:

  • Your organization can have an on-site stock of the most popular cards.
  • Families can order online, on their mobile device, use a paper order form, and conveniently buy cards from your scrip store.
  • Gain access to advanced scrip software that manages your inventory and earnings.
  • Offers the highest earning potential of all programs.
  • No cost to enroll, but there's a nominal annual subscription fee for the inventory management software.
  • It's perfect for programs that can make an initial investment to purchase inventory, or for established programs that are ready to grow.

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