Scrip Fundraising for Your Public School

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Rebate Sharing

Your school can share your rebate earnings with you so you can put them toward expenses like hot lunches and field trips.

Saves Your Time and Money

With scrip, you’re paying face value and you’re getting face value. You raise money by changing your payment method, which means no more time spent buying or selling fundraising products, and no more fundraising fatigue.

The Most Convenient School Fundraising Idea

With over 750 retailers, electronic and reloadable gift cards, MyScripWallet, and an online payment system, scrip is a lifestyle fundraiser you can run all year long.


Look at What Your PTO Can Earn

Earnings Calculator

If you have 10 supporters who participate on a regular basis, with an average 5% rebate, in 1 year you can expect to raise approximately:


# of Supporters:  

A family of four can raise $1,080 in a year just by paying for their everyday purchases with scrip. Now take that number and multiply it by all of the families in your school. Your school could easily raise over $20,000 in a year.

School Fundraising Success Stories

As a parent, scrip has made it so much easier for us to raise money for our school without having to send the kids out to sell something door-to-door.

- Karie D. Eagle, Idaho

Scrip helps me support our school painlessly! Our school is growing and our PTO doesn't have a lot of funding yet. But with scrip, that is changing. 

- Karen Z. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Scrip has not only helped our school, but it has helped our family stick to a budget! If we don't have the money to buy scrip, we don't buy the wanted item.

- Sue L. Peoria, Illinois


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