Learn the Scrip Basics

Check out our "What is Scrip?" video that explains scrip and details potential earnings. The second half of the video includes some great info on the benefits of ShopWithScrip® for you to share with your families, too!

Promotional Flyers

scrip_info_kit.png what_is_scrip_3up.png 

Scrip Info Flyer

This is the place to start if you want to learn the scrip basics!

"What is Scrip?" 3-up Flyer

Fits in a #10 envelope without folding. Cut them using a paper cutter. 

 what_is_scrip.png sample-agenda.png 

 "What is Scrip" Flyer

Introductory Scrip Meeting Agenda

Many of our clients have found that a brief parent meeting is the best way to introduce your families to scrip. Use this sample agenda to kick things off right.