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The Better Fundraising Idea

You can raise money without devoting your time to selling products, asking for donations, or planning events. Earn money every day on the purchases you’re already making just by paying with a gift card you ordered from ShopWithScrip.


Terms to Know

The person in charge of a scrip program. They spread the word about scrip and place and distribute orders.

The term we use for members of the nonprofit organization. On ShopWithScrip, their orders are called family orders.

Scrip Products

Physical Gift Cards
These are the same gift cards you see at the store. You’re probably familiar with giving them as a gift, but you can use them on your own spending and earn. ShopWithScrip offers physical gift for over 700 retailers.


ScripNow® eGift cards 
Raising money anytime is easy thanks to ScripNow. Over 380 retailer brands offer ScripNow, which are eGift cards that you can buy and receive instantly. Then you can print them off or redeem them from your phone when you’re on-the-go.

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MyScripWallet is our mobile website that puts fundraising at your fingertips®. You’ll be able to order physical gift cards, reloads, and eGift cards, and redeem eGift cards directly from your mobile device for accepting retailers.

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ReloadNow® and Reload
You can order a reloadable physical gift card from ShopWithScrip which you can add funds to when your balance is low. Over 120 retailer brands offer either ReloadNow or Reload that will add funds to your card immediately or overnight respectively, which means you won’t have to wait for a new card to ship to shop with scrip.

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Online Payments (PrestoPay™)
ShopWithScrip offers a secure ACH online payment system families can use to pay for orders conveniently. Online payments electronically debits funds from your checking or savings account so you don’t have to send in a check. Plus, your eGift card and reload purchases will process faster.

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