How to Enroll

There are a few reasons why you’ve made it to this page: 1) your organization’s coordinator did a great job leading you to scrip and you want to join their program, 2) you’re looking to start a new program but still want some detailed guidance on how to enroll, or 3) you are going to sign up today and start raising money.

Now, the idea of enrolling sounds like a process to many, but trust us when we say enrolling in a scrip program is easy. Just follow the steps below and you'll be fundraising before you know it! 

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Join Your Existing Program

Does your organization already have a scrip program that you’re looking to join? All you have to do is ask your scrip coordinator for the enrollment code, enter the code on ShopWithScrip and you’ll be prompted to create your personal ShopWithScrip account. After setting that up, you’ll be on your way to raising money for your organization!

Join Your Existing Program

If your organization isn’t fundraising with scrip yet, you can get the ball rolling by pitching scrip fundraising to your group’s leadership. Use the Scrip Fundraising Info Packet (link) to teach your group about scrip and to set the wheels in motion. Once they approve of fundraising with scrip, your organization’s selected coordinator will enroll your group in a scrip program, and then other families can join!

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Enroll Your Organization in a Scrip Program

If you’re convinced that scrip is the right fundraising option for your nonprofit organization, there are a few steps to go through before you can enroll.

Get Your Group on Board

Whether it’s the school principal, the parish, the coach, the booster club, or any other leadership, your first task is to convince the leaders in your group that scrip fundraising is the right option for your organization. We know it can be overwhelming to pitch a new idea to your group, so we’ve got resources to help you teach them about scrip.

Start by showing them our top-level “What is Scrip” video that corresponds to your group. These videos cover the basics of scrip fundraising in well under two minutes to give your group a general idea without losing their attention. Then you can give them this Scrip Fundraising Info Packet that’s full of all the specifics they need to know about scrip. We also recommend showing them a retailer list so they can see what retailers ShopWithScrip offers.

We’re confident that once they hear how effective scrip is, your group won’t want to wait to get started. Plus If you have any questions you need to clear up before making your pitch, just give our helpful New Customer Support Team a call at 18007274715 option 5.

Selecting a Coordinator

Once you receive your group’s stamp of approval for scrip, the next step is selecting a coordinator to manage your program. Maybe this person is you! A scrip coordinator has the important job of running your scrip program, setting the ordering and delivery schedule, helping families with any questions they have, marketing your program, and motivating families to start shopping with scrip.

To see more of the day-to-do duties, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNrwWE4att8


Once you get your group on board and you’ve selected a coordinator, your group is ready to enroll in a program. Enrolling isn’t a long process, we just need a few things from you, then we can approve your organization and you’ll be on your way to raising money!

Before you enroll, make sure you have:

  • Proof of nonprofit status, whether it’s in the form of a 501(c)3 notice, a letter of determination from the state, or a statement on your organization’s letterhead.
  • A voided check from your organization if you want to pay for orders online.

An idea of what type of program you want to run: limited, classic, or classic plus. This can be changed later to fit your needs.