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Saves Your Time and Money

With scrip, you’re paying face value and you’re getting face value. You raise money by changing your payment method, which means no more time spent buying or selling fundraising products, or planning and hosting events.

Rebate Sharing

Your program can share your rebate earnings with you so you can put them toward any organization fees or expenses.

The Most Convenient Fundraising Idea

With over 750 retailers, electronic and reloadable gift cards, MyScripWallet, and an online payment system, scrip is an easy fundraising idea that will help your nonprofit.


Look at What You Can Earn

Earnings Calculator

If you have 10 supporters who participate on a regular basis, with an average 5% rebate, in 1 year you can expect to raise approximately:


# of Supporters:  

A family of four can raise $1,080 in a year just by paying for their everyday purchases with scrip. Now take that number and multiply it by all of the families who are a part of your organization. Your nonprofit could easily raise tens of thousands of dollars a year!

Nonprofit Fundraising Success Stories

It's not often that you get in on an opportunity where everyone wins. You win because you’re saving some money on things you’re already buying and you get to raise money for a cause you believe in. The cause wins because it gets the donation. The retailer you’re buying from wins because it gets the business and some very positive publicity. And ShopWithScrip wins because it’s accomplishing its mission.

- Lawrence, Newtown, Pennsylvania

Scrip allows customers to pay for everyday expenses, purchase gifts and benefit the organization(s) of their choice—all at the same time! Share scrip with friends and family!

- Amy L. Lincoln, Nebraska

FFRC is a no-kill cat rescue where every cat matters! The funds received from scrip are used for medical needs, the spaying and neutering of all cats, food, litter, cleaning supplies, cat toys and furniture, bedding, and flea treatment.

- Friends of Feline’s Rescue Center, Defiance, OH


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