What is PrestoPay™?

You can pay for your gift cards online with PrestoPay™. When you use PrestoPay, your order payment is transferred securely via ACH electronic debit. You won’t have to drop off­ any more checks!

Is PrestoPay safe?

Your PrestoPay account is secured by a 4-digit PIN number you choose when you create your account. Keep that safe to ensure no else can place orders in your name. All PrestoPay transactions go through the same ACH process used by banks and major retailers, and it is very safe.

How do I enroll in PrestoPay?

To enroll in PrestoPay you’ll need your bank account number and routing number, along with the account holder information. Once you submit those, in 1-2 days we’ll make two small deposits in the account for verification. Log back in and enter those two small amounts to receive an approval code to send to your coordinator. PrestoPay will be activated for your account once your coordinator approves you. Click here to view our Supporter Terms of Use.

What if I don’t see an option to enroll in PrestoPay on my account?

Your coordinator needs to enable PrestoPay for your organization for it to be available. If you don’t see the option, ask them about it.

If I enroll in PrestoPay can I still pay my organization by check?

Yes. You can choose to pay with PrestoPay or by check each time you checkout.

When will the money be withdrawn from my account?

The payment will be withdrawn after the day you place your order, or the next business day.

What if my bank account information changes?

You will need to deactivate your PrestoPay account and then start the enrollment process with your new bank information.

Is there a fee to use PrestoPay?

A small, $0.15 charge will be added each time you checkout with PrestoPay.

Where can I see the last 4 digits of my account on file?

To check which account number you have on file with PrestoPay, you need to go to the Cart and click on the PrestoPay tab. The last four digits of the account number on file are visible there.

What if I don't see my PrestoPay enrollment deposits?

Please call our Customer Support Team at 1.800.727.4715 option 3, and they will assist you.