How long does it take to get a program up and running?

Just a couple of days. You’ll fill out a short form to tell us about your organization, and once it’s approved, you can start earning right away.

Do you provide helpful materials and promotional tools that our organization can share with participants?

Absolutely. Visit anytime to get materials and tools you need. There’s also a private Facebook group you can join to get earning tips and tricks from other organizations.

Be sure to subscribe to emails, and tell participants to subscribe, so you’ll both get useful information and bonus earning opportunities sent right to your inbox. If you ever need more help, call our dedicated team of experts.

Are there any costs or fees?

Starting a program is free, with no minimum order requirements so you can use this fundraising option as much or as little as you want.

To run a program, fees are flexible depending on how your participants will order and pay for gift cards.  

  • Participant Shipping: Participants now have the option to ship gift cards directly to their home for a small shipping fee. This option is available exclusively in the RaiseRight™ mobile app for more than 250 brands when online payment is used. Shipping fees for Standard Mail range from $1.00 to $8.50 per order depending on number of cards. Or participants can upgrade to UPS for an additional fee.

  • Online Payment: Participants pay a small online transaction fee if they pay for gift cards with their credit card or a linked bank account.

  • Organization Shipping: If your organization chooses to order physical gift cards on behalf of participants at your organization, you will pay a UPS shipping fee. Shipping fees range from $8.75-$15.25 per shipment depending on the shipping method selected. This is a cost-effective option if you order large amounts of gift cards at one time or during peak times like the holiday season.

My organization has a program set up and I am signing up as a new participant. What do I need to get started?

All you need to set up a new account is an email address and your organization’s unique enrollment code, which your coordinator can give to you. Click here to view the registration form and fill out the required fields. That’s it.

Note: An email address is required to participate.  

I am trying to sign up with my organization’s program, but it said that my email is already used, what do I do?

Your coordinator might have already set up an account for you. If you contact your coordinator they will be able to provide you with your username. Or you can contact our Customer Support team at or 1-800-727-4715, Option 3


If you have additional questions once your program is up and running, check here for additional FAQs.