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"In one year, we generated $19,000 in fundraising dollars and $25,000 for our families with scrip! Those are numbers that make us proud and motivate us to do even better each year!"

Angela L.

St. Lucy's Parish School | Racine, WI


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Families across America are using scrip every day to raise money for their organizations. Read their stories to see how they do it.

"When we started the program six years ago we were raising about $1-2,000 a year. We are now up to about $20,000 a year. I'm so grateful not to have to sell any wrapping paper, candles, wreaths, donuts, and candy."


“Scrip is a win-win, both for scrip users and our school. It's money I normally spend- I don’t have to go out of my budget to use it. Gas, groceries, staples, and items in our monthly budget can be bought using scrip."


“In the eight years I’ve been purchasing scrip cards, I’ve raised over $8,500 for tuition and the school. It makes me feel good when I use a gift card to know that I’m helping the school.”


“Learning to use ShopWithScrip wasn't hard at all. It took me a few minutes to become familiar with the website and look through the different options, but after a few minutes I felt confident I was ready to make my first online purchase!”

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