Our Company

Carol Burgess and Carol Smith didn’t know quite where they were headed in 1994, but they had an idea and they ran with it. It was an idea that would lead them to be the 2002 West Michigan Ernst &Young Entrepreneurs of the Year just eight years after they founded Great Lakes Scrip Center®. From its humble beginnings headquartered in a basement, GLSC garnered a “fundraising while you shop” mentality while growing into something neither founder could have anticipated.

20 years later, GLSC continues to grow as we work with both ends of the shopping spectrum; non-profit organizations have raised over 500 million dollars by shopping with scrip, and retailers have rung up more than 9 billion dollars in sales. With over 17,000 non-profit organizations fundraising with us throughout the nation, we continue to change and update to accommodate our growing client base.

For two decades, we have been building long-standing relationships with trusted retail brands so we can offer the highest rebates available on the widest selection of gift cards and electronic scrip products. Members of our registered organizations can order physical cards, ScripNow® electronic cards, or reload their previously purchased cards in just a few clicks on our website or on our mobile experience MyScripWallet™. They can even pay with PrestoPay™, our online payment system, and receive their scrip electronically in minutes!  
While we strive to make the scrip experience convenient for families, we also have multiple tools for coordinators to help lighten their load.  We provide all of our organizations with a free ShopWithScrip online account to manage their scrip program from any location with internet access, while their data is backed up securely and will always be available. We also offer SCRIPWARE™, our optional subscription service that offers complete scrip inventory management, “Scrip to Go” sales support, powerful rebate sharing capability, financial reporting and more.

Although GLSC has adapted from the pen and paper method over the years, we still possess the same principle we were founded on— working hard to better serve the community and our customers.