What is Scrip?

Gift Cards

Shop with gift cards in everyday categories including groceries, gas, restaurants and more.

Earnings that Add Up

A percentage of each gift card purchased goes directly to your school or organization.

Fundraising Made Easy

Raise the money your group needs with no soliciting or selling.


How Scrip Works

Buy Gift Card

Buy a gift card from over 750 brands at ShopWithScrip.com

Earn Funds

The rebate on the gift card immediately goes to funding your organization’s initiatives

Spend Gift Card

You use the gift card on your everyday shopping

The Home Depot

Best Selection of Retailer Brands and Products

Order gift cards for over 750 of the most popular brands, from groceries to coffee to entertainment to gas.

Over 300 brands are available immediately with our eGift card products, and over 100 are reloadable.

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Easy and Convenient

Our products make it easy to earn on the go.


The secure online payment system for families that lets them pay for orders and receive e-gift cards and reload their cards immediately.


Our mobile website where families can buy physical gift cards, reloads, and eGift cards.


Who Can Fundraise with Scrip?

For the past 23 years, we've helped over 48,000 organizations raise funds, including:

  • Public and Parochial Schools
  • Churches and Synagogues
  • Sports Teams
  • Marching Bands and Music Groups
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Animal Shelters

Who We Help

Put your everyday spending to work for your school or community

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