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  Reloadable Gift Cards


Frequently Asked Questions About Reloading Gift Cards

Q. What cards can I reload?
A. A reload icon  appears on each page of the shopping environment.  Click on the icon or choose  “Reload Brands” under “Browse by Category”. This is the current list of reloadable cards. This list continues to grow, so check back often.

Q. How do I register a card so I can reload it?
A. When placing your order on, choose the reloadable option for your card (i.e. Barnes and Noble reload). A menu will pop up asking for the card number and name. You can then add to your reloadable card.

Q. My Card is on the “reload brands” list, but I can’t seem to register it. Why?
A. The gift card must have been purchased through Great Lakes Scrip Center in order for it to be reloaded through us and for you organization to get credit for the purchase. The card must have been purchased after the date specified when you choose the reload option for that product.

Q. When will the funds be available?
A. Reload orders paid for with PrestoPay will process automatically, and the funds will be added to the card(s) overnight.** Orders paid for by check will process after the coordinator releases the order for processing and the family will receive an email telling them when the funds are will be available.
** For orders submitted by 3:30 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

Q. What information will I need to reload my card?
A. You will need the serial number from the card. Our system will ask you to name the card so that you can load multiple cards from the same household (i.e. Dad’s Starbucks card, Mom’s Starbucks card, etc.). In the future, you can choose the card by the name you gave it when you are reloading.

Q. What dollar amount can I reload on the card?
A. You can choose any amount to put on the card, up to a maximum specified when you choose the reload option for the card.

Q. How many times can I reload my gift cards in a week?
A. As many times as you would like, as long as the balance does not go over the maximum allowed.

Q. Can I reload a gift card that I bought at the retailer’s store on
A. No. The first gift card needs to be purchased through Great Lakes Scrip Center. Once you have that one, you can reload it as much as you like.

Q. If I reload it at the retailer’s store, will my organization still get the credit?
A. No. Your organization will only receive credit for those gift cards that are reloaded through

Q. Can I cancel my Reload order or return a card I Reloaded?
A. No. Once an order for a Reload is submitted, it cannot be cancelled. Reloaded cards are not returnable.